Freshwater Fishing In South Africa ~ By Sean Mills (Book published by Struik in 2000)

Sean Mills is the author of  the book "Freshwater Fishing In South Africa" published by Struik New Holland in 2000. 

The book is available for purchase at all leading book stores, namely Exclusive Books,, and CNA.  He has been fly fishing for over 25 years and has represented both Western 

Province and Boland at national level.  He has also written many articles for local magazines and websites. 

fly-fishing-dry-fly-cape-town-streams-sean-mills-dvd   The Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing Cape Streams ~ With Sean Mills

  In this DVD, Sean shows you in detail how to catch more and larger trout on the crystal clear
 streams of the Western Cape, South Africa.  It is filmed in Sean’s unique style with
  extensive underwater footage and
extreme close-ups.  Also covered in this DVD are the
  following topics:  where to fish, tackle, specia
l casts, locating fish, sight fishing, flies, tying
  leaders and how to spot and stalk wild trout.  Sean also explains how the rivers are managed
  and how
 to book a beat.  How to fish with dry flies, nymphs and soft hackle flies, streamers and
  combining various flies are also shown in detail.  
In addition, Sean looks at reading water,
  how to fish pocket water, runs, glides, targeting larger fish and where to look for them.  Sean also
identifyiwa the major stream hatches using extreme close-up footage of caddis, mayflies,
  midges and stoneflies.  


 Price R175 [including postage 


fly-fishing-dry-fly-nymph-dvd-cape-town-sean-mills   Fishing The Dry Fly And Dry & Nymph Rig ~ With Sean Mills


  In this DVD, Sean shows you how to effectively fish dry flies to rising and non-rising trout in
  all types of water.  Sean also explores the importance 
of drag free drifts and special casts
  to minimize drag and create good drifts for extended periods, as well as when
and how to
  strike with a surface fly.  The fishing is frenetic with wild rainbow trout rising in gin-clear water
  Sean then explains how to set up a dry fly as an indicator with a small nymph underneath and
  also the type of waters where this
method works well.  Tackle and leaders are also described
  and the best dry flies for this method are shown.  Sean then ties
 several very effective dry flies
  and nymphs.

Price R175 [including postage 

fly-fishing-soft-hackle-flies-dvd-cape-town-sean-mills   Fishing Soft Hackle Flies ~ With Sean Mills

  In this DVD, Sean shows you how to tie and fish soft hackle wet flies, one of the oldest and most
  successful forms of fly fishing.  
The tackle, flies and tactics are described in detail as Sean fishes
  on a crystal clear mountain stream for wild rainbow trout.  Also shown and explained are the following
  methods:  d
own stream, side on and upstream, as well as how to fish deep and shallow water.  Leader
  make-up and
how to fish a team of flies are also explored.  The devastating effectiveness of these flies
  can be seen both when fished in a hatch
and non-hatch conditions.  Sean then ties several of his most
  successful soft hackle flies.


Price R175 [ including postage

  Fly Fishing For Smallmouth Yellowfish In Small Streams
  ~ With Sean Mills and Mark Krige


  In this DVD, Sean Mills and Mark Krige, discuss fly fishing for small stream, smallmouth
  yellowfish (South Africa’s most popular fly fishing species).  
In this DVD you will see what
  these fish eat and how they feed.  Upstream nymphing, Czech nymphing, fishing soft hackle
  flies, fishing with
dry flies, stalking, tackle and tactics are all covered in detail in this DVD.
  Watch yellowfish take dry flies off the top at close range and witness the
effectiveness of
  soft hackle and emerging nymphs.  The methods detailed in this DVD will also work on
  larger river systems throughout the South Africa.

 Price R175 [including postage

fly-fishing-carp-on-fly-dvd-sean-mills  The Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing For Carp ~ With Sean Mills

  In this DVD, Sean shows you how to locate, hook and land these amazing fish on fly.  He takes
  you through location, flies, tackle, technique,
 sight fishing (with some very exciting footage), how
  these fish feed and on what.  Join Sean on an exciting  journey as he takes you through
the most
  successful methods of fishing rivers, lakes and ponds.  In addition, Sean reveals his tactics and
  flies to catch the finicky grass carp on fly.
 Carp grow very large and are amongst the smartest
  and most powerful of fresh water fish and they are found all over South Africa, possibly a
  drive from your house.
Sean then ties several of his most successful flies, including the carp fritz,
  carp SMS and the carp maggot.



Price R175 [including postage (RSA)]



  Saltwater Fly Fishing - The Western Cape ~ With Sean Mills

  In this DVD, Sean Mills, Mike Grant and Juan Coetzee, show you in detail how to target leervis,
  elf and moonies using a variety of surface
and sub-surface flies.  The best retrieves, tackle and
  flies are shown.  There is some vintage footage of a 14 kilogram leervis caught at Sandvlei (at
on a 6 weight fly rod, as well as footage of leervis, elf and moonies attacking surface
  and sub-surface flies.  De Mond (at Struisbaai), The Berg River (at
Velddrif) and Sandvlei (at
  Muizenberg) feature in this 80 minute DVD.  In addition, Sean ties several of his most successful
  salt water flies.


 Price R170 [including postage (RSA)]



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                                      Video Reviews



The Ultimate Guide To Fly Fishing Cape Streams ~ With Sean Mills

ultimate-guide-fly-fishing-cape-streams-dvd-sean-mills  Sean Mills has excelled by delivering one of the best stream fishing videos I have seen. The 
  narrative is clear and concise with the
“how to” tips and tricks neatly interlaced with practical  
  demonstrations.  The viewer is gently guided through each technique which is
  explained and is endorsed with on stream demonstrations.

  The video also highlights the breathtaking beauty of the mountains without it becoming a
  travelogue.  The film is well balanced and evenly
paced, enabling the viewer to keep in touch
  and in synch with events.

  Sean delivers in spades, a world class production, and it’s doubtful if a superior film will be
  made of this particular subject.  There is a
delightful “race” along the N1 and through the Hugenot
  Tunnel included in the footage, which is becoming I should imagine, a sort of hallmark 
of Sean’s
  fishing films, as there is a similar one in the equally good “Salt water fly fishing in the Western

This video is every bit as good and in reality stands head and shoulders above lots and lots of nternational movies and is a
“must see” for everyone
, expert and beginner alike, who ventures into the “Kloofs”.  My only regret is that it was not available
when I was a tyro angler fishing those selfsame
streams all of 50 plus years ago!

Best Regards,

Edward Wilson

“The Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing Cape Streams” is a DVD by fly fishing legend, Sean Mills.  I purchased a copy of the DVD a couple 
weeks back and it arrived yesterday to my excitement.  I quickly put it into the player and thoroughly enjoyed 90 minutes of fly fishing action,
bundled with hundreds of tips and tricks!  In this DVD, Sean Mills, shows you in detail how to catch more and bigger trout on the crystal
clear Cape mountain streams of the Western Cape, South Africa.  Sean films the DVD in his unique, hands on style with underwater shots
and extreme close ups, it really is a treat.  Sean goes on to explain where to fish, what tackle to use, how to perform special casts, how to 
locate fish and also goes into sighting trout, looking at various flies and how to tie your leaders.  A bonus is that he explains how the rivers are 
managed and how to go about getting a membership from the Cape Piscatorial Society, as well as how you book a beat. 
All in all it’s a fantastic DVD, well worth purchasing!

 Reviewed by (Fishing the Western Cape Waters)




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